Photo Art Panels

Westminster Bridge & Big Ben Art Print

Aluminium art photo panels

An aluminium (metal) photo panel is more rigid, light and ultra-smooth than a canvas artwork support and has many conservation benefits. Aluminium photo panels are very lightweight, making them ideal for large-scale work which needs to be transported. Aluminium is also an inert material and releases no emissions (unlike wood which can release harmful gases over time). If your studio is prone to changes in humidity and temperature, aluminium will not react to this shift in the environment (unlike wooden panels, which can warp if stored incorrectly in a damp environment). The images are directly printed on high quality 3mm aluminium (metal) panels. The material is lightweight, durable and is UV and damp proof, so it can also be used outdoors.


Aluminium Photo Art Panel


It is ready to hang with a floating effect.

An aluminium photo panel support is similar to a Hi-Gloss panel. However, the sub-frame is set back from the edge of the aluminium sheet. This means that when the artwork is mounted onto a wall, the surface appears to float. This has all the same qualities as a regular professional Hi-Gloss panel but visually is a more delicate solution.

back of aluminium photo panel
Back of the aluminium photo panel

Hi-Gloss Photo Panel

The Hi-Gloss photo panel is more rigid, a bit heavier than an aluminium panel and ultra-smooth uses a high gloss coating producing incredible depth and clarity to your photo. Printed on thick hard MDF, it is the perfect way to display art in your home.