Before & After

“Photo retouching is an important job that doesn’t get the credit it deserves”

I’ve been working in Photoshop for hundreds of hours to smooth out wrinkles on clothes, remove dust, spots and fingerprints from shiny items, and take care of the tedious details that are necessary when creating a catalogue or ad. Here are some of my photos before and after retouching

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Use the slider to reveal before and after the edit.

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The photo below has been combined from three photos to keep the highest quality for a large print.


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I took this photo for the Bialcon clothing brand for the opening of a new store in Toruń. The banner was printed at 8ft but prepared the 16ft photo in case larger print was needed.


As you can see print looks amazing on the wall in the new Bialcon store.
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I’m based in London and I work with big and small brands providing good quality images and my retouching skills.
Fell free to contact me if interested in hiring me as a photographer your upcoming projects or you need a skilled retoucher to get the finest look for your images.