London Based Photographer and Retoucher

HELLO, AND Welcome in my world.

I can capture the fine craftsmanship of lighting, precision styling with utmost attention to detail both in-camera and right the way through post-production.

I would say a minimalistic approach is probably the best way to describe my style. Besides fashion, I do a range of photography, such as in-studio photography, including portraits, model portfolios, and product photography.

My skillset

In recent years I spent the most time in the photographic studio where I mastered different lighting techniques from the studio lights to continuous lighting and also natural daylight. Combining this with excellent retouching skills and my early days as a graphics designer gives me a great eye for composition, colours and details.

Photo Retouching

I’ve worked in Photoshop for hundreds of hours to smooth wrinkles from clothing, remove dust, specks and fingerprints from shiny objects and not mention skin retouching. I care about all the small details that make a big difference when you’re making a catalogue or an advertisement. I believe that photo retouching is an important job that doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

I’ve excessive knowledge in:

  • Photoshop
  • Colour accuracy
  • Colour correction
  • Skin retouch
  • Textures retouch
  • Photo Composite
  • and More…

Beyond The Photography

Before photography became an integral part of my life I have been creating large format prints for different companies. My adventure with printing began two decades ago, and over the past years, I have worked with different press companies. Only in recent years, I worked with one of the best Photo-Lab, in London who became my dear friends and till this days I use their services. In my journey, I’ve learnt to be proficient within the correction of colour accuracy, proofing images and printed many media.

As the result of years of professional work and repetition, I gained extensive knowledge in printing:

  • Silver Halide Printing Process.
  • Noritsu QSS 3202 & QSF-V30.
  • Large Format Printing.
  • Large Format Dye Sub.
  • Sublimation Printing.
  • Papers and Inks.
  • Posters & Canvas Printing.

The Secrets of Photography

When I made my first conscious steps in photography, my first job was as a vendor of photographic equipment. After years of testing and using all kinds of accessories, I decided to transfer my pen to paper. Then I created a blog, The Secrets of Photography, for a Polish community where I test, describe and teach interesting techniques. Thanks for viewing the world through my eyes

I hope you like my site and the work I am doing.
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