Protected photo proofing galleries

Photo proofing are the easiest way I interact with clients after taking the photographs. I’ve created a protected straightforward environment to discuss and proof photographs, all in an interactive interface.

Understanding the Client PROOF GALLERY Workflow

The workflow that I have envisioned is a pretty straightforward one, as follows:

  1. I (The Photographer) upload the photos; I Email you with the URL and the password. You will be greeted to enter the password in order to access the gallery.
  2. You (The Client) comes in and selects the photos you like (eventually offering comments through the form on the bottom of the gallery page – this is why I have left the image id so you can reference the images in your discussions);
  3. I make the adjustments, remove/re‐upload/edit the gallery and the process continues.

*Note: You can mention the photos in comments via the photo ID which means that it will automatically link any #2206 with a link to that specific image so you’ll find it easier. That is pretty much of it. You can now go to your gallery and make the favorite selection. Please find your or the company name below to go to your gallery.


Bialcon Fashion Store

Ralph Lauren – Calf Hair Rucksack

Ralph Lauren – Double RL Collector

Ralph Lauren – Polo Suit Jacket

Ralph Lauren – The Iconic Motorcycle Jacket

Thomas Farthing – London

Thomas Farthing – Lightship

Bilal Hassan

Model in Studio Black & White Photos

Tony Model – London

Duncan Samarasinghe

Durdle Door – Puppy

Helen McGregor

Linda Nhyiraba

Lola Idowu

Louis Vuitton – London

Modez Vadian – London

Marcus Verger

Nicolas Hischier

Patrick Timmer