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I can capture the fine craftsmanship of your collection with exquisite lighting, precision styling and the utmost attention to detail both in-camera and right the way through post-production. I’ve worked in Photoshop for hundreds of hours to smooth wrinkles from clothing, remove dust, specks and fingerprints from shiny objects, and address tedious details that are necessary when you’re making a catalogue or an advertisement. Here are a few of my retouched before and after images.

Use the slider to reveal before and after the edit.

Larg-format print-bialcon-brand

This photo was combined with 3 different photos to achieve a large print for the opening of a new store for a Bialcon fashion brand. The banner was printed large as 8 foot long but I have prepared the photograph for a 16 foot long in very high print quality. 

As you can see print looks amazing on the wall in the new Bialcon store.

“Photo retouching is an important job that doesn’t get the credit it deserves”

I’m working with brands all over the world providing only the highest quality photographs straight out of the camera and also polished with my retouching skills. If the qualities that you’re interested in, please hesitate to contact me with the details about your upcoming projects.

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Photography © Mario Wageman 2020
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